School Marathon is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Foundation

This is an exciting time in our world with regard to health and wellness!  

Individuals, organizations,and the government are coming to the realization that good health is primarily determined by lifestyle; mainly an individual’s activity level and the diet they consume.  School Marathon is an extremely effective program dedicated to creating an Early Start to a Healthy Lifestyle.  What could be more important than the health of our children?


The School Marathon Foundation was founded in 2011 by Dana Kossow and Louise Comfort.


The Foundation’s mission is to inspire lifelong habits for healthy living, through a structured event that allows children to achieve the challenging goal of completing a 26.2-mile marathon.


The goal of The School Marathon Foundation is to host 500 School Marathons yearly at elementary schools across the nation and to partner with a corporation to provide the full "marathon experience" including Milestone Incentives with minimal cost to qualified schools.


The School Marathon Foundation provides education and incentive for children to inspire lifelong habits for healthy living.  The Foundation believes that childhood obesity is a growing threat to the well-being of our youngest generation—the educators and leaders of our future.  The effects of obesity in adolescents may provoke lifelong consequences and can inhibit healthy development.  It is these effects that have inspired the Foundation to offer its exercise and education program to schools and students around the nation.  The Foundation believes that there can be no greater initiative than improving the health of our society, and that improved health benefits not only individual happiness, but also the lives of our families, community, our economy and beyond.


The Foundation promotes healthy lifestyles among our youth by educating children on the benefits of staying active.  An important part of the process is providing a direct experience of the benefits of healthy living through a consistent daily physical activity regimen.  The Foundation’s program for providing this experience is highly structured.  The structure ensures that children who participate and complete the Foundation’s program will experience an improved physical condition, the pride of completing a lofty goal, and possess an increased focus and concentration throughout their school day.  School Marathon believes that for physical activity to become habit, children must directly experience the benefits of consistent physical activity and have positive feelings associated with that experience.


Currently the Foundation provides all School Marathon program details, materials, setup instructions, Race Director training, and consultation to approved schools.