America's growing problem of physical inactivity and overweight/obesity is no secret.  The answer is no secret, either:  exercise; life-long exercise.  The real issue, then, is how do we make exercise work?  How does exercise go from being a dreaded "word" to something that is enjoyed, looked forward to, and sought out?  The School Marathon program is one big answer to this question.  It makes exercise fun and rewarding.  It teaches perseverance and endurance.  It involves friends, teachers, and family, and shows how rewarding it is when a person and a community are active and healthy.   My children aren't yet in school, but I am so excited to be in a school district that has the School Marathon.  I can't wait for our oldest to start her school marathon, and I can't wait to be there beside her, all 26.2 miles along the way.
- Abbey Rupe, MD FAAP, Pediatrician & Marathoner
"I was amazed to see how the marathon transformed our school!  The daily routine of students and families exercising together...the sheer numbers of people all around the school each morning created an excitement in the air.  Add that to the fact that we were "ONE" ...ALL OF US working for the same goal.  It is an unforgettable experience.  One that you will want to repeat year after year!"   
- Marcy Roth, Past Principal, Meadowlark Ridge Elementary
"It's been very successful for us, and the kids have been faithful about doing this," said Dr. Nick Compagnone, Superintendent of the Salina Catholic Diocese.  "Teachers have remarked that kids come to class afterward more refreshed and ready to get the school day going." 
- Dr. Nick Compagnone, Superintendent, Salina Catholic Diocese
What a wonderful experience our School Marathon has been! The event is barely completed when students and parents alike are wanting to be sure we will do it again next year.  Parents often say that their children wake up a lot easier in the mornings knowing that they will be running with their friends before school starts.  Teachers claim that the students who participate arrive in the classroom alert and ready to begin their day. St. Mary's School is proud to promote health and fitness for our school families.
- Cindy Compagnone , Assistant Principal, St. Mary's Elementary School, St. Mary's Grade School, Assistant Principal
My three children love The St. Mary's School  Marathon!     On Marathon days, my kids pop out of bed because they are so excited to start their day with running and visiting with their friends. We cannot get out of the house quick enough to get to the track.   I love the fact that my kids find exercise to be fun and a great way to get their bodies and minds started for a full day of learning.  Our family loves the Marathon!
- Kim Cochran, School Marathon Parent
The marathon has been a wonderful experience for students and teachers alike. It gives students the opportunity to run and talk with their friends while getting exercise and fresh air, and we as teachers get the chance to connect with them on a personal level before school even starts. It is a fantastic way for everyone to come together in the mornings for a common purpose! It's not just for exercise...but for celebration of life skills and the sense of school community! We love it!
- Amber Bohm, Adaptive Special Education Teacher